Shiitake Mushrooms


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Shiitake! Shiitake!…. I feel like if these mushrooms could dance they would! They would shake their shiitake self on the dance floor! Ok, all jokes aside, Shiitake Mushrooms are probably a type of mushroom you have heard of and probably tasted before. They are widely used in modern day all around the world. Many times you will see them as part of the ingredient list in chef prepared dishes in many fancy restaurants. Not only are they super popular now, but these incredible mushrooms are traced all the way back over one hundred million years ago, in the cretaceous period. Crazy, huh!?! They are found growing wild in the mountains of China, Japan, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Who is ready to go mushroom hunting?

Shiitake mushrooms have a meaty texture, making them great as a meat re-placement Cooking them brings out their earthy, woodsy, and smoky flavor. When eaten raw or fresh, the shiitake mushroom has a rich buttery, meaty flavor unlike other mushrooms. They are fantastic in soups, sauces, gravy’s, meat dishes, or just sauteed and eaten with veggies.

How to Store Shiitake Mushrooms:
Its best to keep these mushrooms refrigerated and in a paper bag. They stay the freshest up to 8 days. What happens after the 8 days, they just dry out, but that’s ok because if they dry out, not a problem, you can add them to different sauces. Bam! Easy as that!

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