King Oyster Mushrooms


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The King mac daddy! These amazing king oysters are beefy and so desirable.

Interestingly, the King Oyster has a trumpet-like shape. I think this mac daddy wants to toot its own horn!
HAHA! Along with this trumpet-like shape, it also has a blunt cap above and a stout stem beneath. Cool shape if you ask me!
Because its the king of the them all, of course it is thick, hearty with a firm texture.
It won’t disappoint on flavor either. The big King Kong has a meaty flavor, super savory. Just wondering, is it making your mouth water yet?
Oh yes, your mouth is, gooooood! Mission accomplished!
These bad boys are perfect as a meat re-placement for vegans and vegetarians. Also, another cool aspect of these
beefy mushrooms is that the stems can be used to substitute scallops. COOOL Right!!!?? Another great option for all those non-meat eaters out there!
So many ways to include this lovely mushroom into your meals. You can put the whole mushroom in or slice up and can be used in stews, stir-fry, soups, and sauteed,

How to store:
Its best to keep these mushrooms refrigerated and ideally in a paper bag. The shelf life is 8 days.
Just like the others, even if they dry out, that is no problem because they can be used in different sauces.The sauce will moist them right on up!

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