So you are curious about who we are?


We’ve thought about how to tell you more about us and it seems the best idea is to let the King General Mushroom tell ya!!! So, we will pass the typewriter over to him

Take it away, General!

Hi, my name is King General. I oversee this mushroom farm and I guess I am understanding that my owners who take so, very good care of us would like me to tell you a little about them.

Ok, I am up for the challenge! Stick with me here.I am not much of a writer, but because I love them so much, I am going to muster up ever ounce of my mushroom blood and do this! But don’t worry, its going to be fun!

The best way for me to tell you about these three owners is to explain them in my own language. I am sure you are thinking, “What does that mean?”
Well, based on my time overseeing and watching them I have seen some similarities to my mushroom brothers and sisters so that is how I am going to explain who they are!

Sound good? That ok with you?
I sure hope so because like I said I am not much of a writer, but love to talk so lets do it! And actually, I’m thinking you might get a kick out of this. Another reason I want to tell you guys in this way is because they love to joke around, laugh and overcome challenges, just like me.

So you ready for this?
OK, lets do it!

First, I am going to start with the lady, Why you ask? Well, of course because lady’s first, right? I overheard a human say that once so I will go with it! So, back to the lady, I hear her called Mom and Nanny a lot, but sometimes when people come by that don’t know her as Mom or Nanny, they call her Tina. She seems like such a nice lady, and boy oh boy can get she things done around here. She may be a grandma and a mother of four adult kids, which by the way, I have met all four of her kids, she did good there, but I watched her cutting and chopping wood for our substrate like a man. Now don’t take that the wrong way. I am just saying, Dang, she is one hard a$$ worker. It seems she keeps everyone on task and the farm moving forward in such an elegant and kind way. From overhearing their meetings, I understand she handles many of the admin tasks like the licensing, insurance, marketing, business development and those taxes. Honestly, I think she is the glue holding it all together! She is pretty kick A$$. Ohh, and what mushroom would I compare her to? Hmmm…. well, that’s easy, the Pearl Oyster Mushroom! I am pretty sure you would figure out why!

I could go on and on about her, but I know your time is valuable, so I will move on the next Human Mushroom Man, Dave. I got to tell ya, I have learned so much about him, why you ask? Because he loves to chat and talk about soooo many topics. I have watched his wife come out and say, “Ok, Dave, we really got to go.” Then 20 minutes later, he is still talking away. Then again, “Dave, we really, really need to go.” Then about 20-40 minutes later, I see them packing up their three boys (yes three all under the age of 6) and heading out the door. They pack on into their mini van that has those doors that open and shut with a touch of a button. When I first saw that I thought, “WOW, impressive! Is that lazy man syndrome?” What if we as mushrooms just pressed a button and we just popped up? Well, I guess we do kinda grow that way; we grow rapidly. But do know we put a lot of work and energy into our growing adventures. Which also brings me to my next thought and maybe you can help me understand. Why does everyone think ALL mushrooms have button tops? My oh my… we are so much more diverse than that! I am sure glad you are here and learning about other kinds of mushrooms, like the ones these awesome fellers grow at Trailhead Mushrooms.
Oh, I digressed, I am sorry! Again stick with me. I’m kinda a jabber-jaws like Dave because we are both King Oysters. Oh yea, I didn’t tell you my kind, but know you know. We are similar in that way. We are the King overseer, and might I add, so smart, intelligent and even kinda like a walking encyclopedia. Okay, my king-ness is going to my mushroom top head, oops-a-daisy. But do know, I am being completely honest and most importantly while on the subject of being crystal clear of this honesty thing, Dave has a heart of gold. He would give his shirt of his back. I was overhearing his sister and she was telling him how much she appreciated everything he does for her and the family. It just about brought me to tears in the most king-like way. Yea, tears of love and happiness of course. So right now, I want you to imagine a mushroom crying tears of joy. Good job, I gotcha using your imagination! Such a magical part of your mind.

I saved the best for last. I sure hope Dave and Tina don’t get offended because I said it take way, best for last because they all have their special-ness. But I will tell ya why I say that. I have some series loyalty to the next Human Mushroom Man, Deavin. He’s my father, I mean like my human father, of course, not my mushroom father. You see, I have been with him since the beginning of time, not the beginning of the planet but since this whole mushroom growing thing started a few years ago. I was one of the first mushrooms he grew and I have really grown attached to him. He introduced me to Dave, his human brother and then his mom, Tina. One of the things that I love so much about Deavin is the passion that pours off him. When he is caring for us, I can just feel the love radiating off of him right on to us. Yes, us mushrooms can feel love and energy. He loves us so, so much. The way he talks about us to his family and friends makes my heart sing. I have to tell ya, the love he pours into us directly effects how we grow and how much we can nourish the bodies of those that enjoy us for their meal. Sometimes I will start daydreaming and wish that I had his fiery red hair. He is so unique and awesome, I wish I could be more like him. Like I mentioned, I am a King Oyster Mushroom, so what is Deavin? He is a combination of a Blue Oyster, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, and Turkeytail mushrooms all blended together into his own creation.. You may not know much about those kinds of mushrooms I just compared him to above, but basically it means he is so extraordinary and such a super, duper, awesome guy and not only that, but a healer and transformer. (Oh and by the way, if you don’t know much about Lion’s Mane or Turkey tail Mushrooms, you must check those out asap, they super incredible and amazing, and they can cure diseases, YES!)
Everyday I am so blessed and grateful I get to work with him. He is so precise and on-point with everything he does. He is loving, open minded and balanced in the way I see him treat others including his son. His son and him have a special bond and we are excited to see this farm grow to create a legacy for the entire family. That is what I hear them all say a lot, “We want to build a legacy. Its not just about the money or the notoriety but the legacy.” If you ever get to meet any of these lovely people, you will be blessed, that’s for sure.

I hope you enjoyed my way of telling you about them. I hope you get to try and enjoy every bite of our mushrooms from the only Trailhead Mushrooms!
Much Mushroom Love to You and thank you for reading!!
King General

P.S. This was my first ever writing experience! I love me some good new challenges! Yay!
Peace out!